Press and External Writing

This is a collection of press and blogs written about my work, work I was part of, and articles in which I was quoted.

150 Years Celebration of Women in Computing at Berkeley - A profile about how I came to be a data scientist researcher and my current work at BIDS.

100 Inspiring Hispanic/Latinx Scientists in America - A list which in cludes myself and 99 other fantastic latinx scientists!

11 Ways to Avert a Data-storage Disaster: I was interviewed and quoted in this Nature article describing data management techniques and strategies.

The State of Open Science and What's Ahead: This post was published on Medium and describes the work of myself and five other Mozilla Open Science Fellows.

Challenges of Doing Data Intensive Research in Teams and Groups - This article summarizes a paper that I co-authored on challenges that confront data science teams in academia.

Decoding the Secrets of Plants Stunning Leaf Patterns - Smithsonian Magazine interviewed and quoted me about statistical modeling in plant sciences in the context of a study on plant phyllotactic patterning.

Mozilla Announces 25 New Fellows in Opennes, Science, and Tech Policy: A brief introduction to the 2018/2019 Mozilla Fellows Cohort that I was part of.

Cabinet of Curiosity - a data science blog exploring natural history and biodiversity data: I wrote this article for the Berkeley Institute of Data Science Blog series about my biodiversity data science project.

Mozilla Open Science Fellows at the Halfway Point - Article written about my work as a Mozilla Fellow.

Rule Rewrite Aims to Clean up Scientific Software: I was interviewed and quoted for this Nature article that asks peer reviewers to check accessibility of code used in computational studies.

Watch These Flies Turn Into Zombies: National Geographic write up of work I was part of in Michael Eisen's Lab about zombie fruit fly fungus.

Welcoming BIDS 2017 Data Science Fellows: Write up on when I started the Berkeley Institute of Data Science Fellowship.

Meeting the Modern Naturalists at the Digital Data in Biodiversity Conference: This is a blog post I wrote on attending the Digital Data in Biodiversity Conference.

Harnessing Genomics and Machine Learning to Understand Evolution: This is a blog post I wrote on my research in comparitive genomics.

BIDS undergraduate interns celebrate 2018-2019 milestones: This is a blog post on an event I organized for the undergraduate research teams and their research at the Berkeley Institute of Data Science Institute.

BIDS announces 2018 Data Science Research Projects: This blog post describes a grant that was given to a research group I am part of that aims to detect change in global biodiversity through large scale network analysis.

Is Your Leaf Left Handed?: Article published in Science Daily that describes work that I was part of that that used mathematical modeling, morphometrics, and hormone visualization to describe phylltactic patterning in plants.