Press and External Writing

This is a collection of press and blogs written about my work, work I was part of, and articles in which I was quoted.

How to make your scientific data accessible, discoverable and useful - I was interviewed as a part of a group of specialists to offer tips for effectively sharing your data.

Behind the Scenes of “The Future of Data Science”: An Interview with Ciera Martinez - I was interviewed by Nightingale Magazine about my work leading the creation of Data Science by Design's first book.

How to approach accessibility in academic data science - Blog post summarizing group discussion with the Berkeley Institute of Data Science's Best Practices in Data Science group and special guest Frank Elavsky (PhD student in Data and Accessibility)

The Gateway at UC Berkeley: Lighting the Way to Prevent California Wildfires - Cartoon about my background, research, and the future of UC Berkeley's Division for Computing, Data Science and Society.

150 Years Celebration of Women in Computing at Berkeley - A profile about how I came to be a data scientist researcher and my current work at BIDS.

100 Inspiring Hispanic/Latinx Scientists in America - A list which in cludes myself and 99 other fantastic latinx scientists!

11 Ways to Avert a Data-storage Disaster: I was interviewed and quoted in this Nature article describing data management techniques and strategies.

The State of Open Science and What's Ahead: This post was published on Medium and describes the work of myself and five other Mozilla Open Science Fellows.

Challenges of Doing Data Intensive Research in Teams and Groups - This article summarizes a paper that I co-authored on challenges that confront data science teams in academia.

Decoding the Secrets of Plants Stunning Leaf Patterns - Smithsonian Magazine interviewed and quoted me about statistical modeling in plant sciences in the context of a study on plant phyllotactic patterning.

Mozilla Announces 25 New Fellows in Opennes, Science, and Tech Policy: A brief introduction to the 2018/2019 Mozilla Fellows Cohort that I was part of.

Cabinet of Curiosity - a data science blog exploring natural history and biodiversity data: I wrote this article for the Berkeley Institute of Data Science Blog series about my biodiversity data science project.

Mozilla Open Science Fellows at the Halfway Point - Article written about my work as a Mozilla Fellow.

Rule Rewrite Aims to Clean up Scientific Software: I was interviewed and quoted for this Nature article that asks peer reviewers to check accessibility of code used in computational studies.

Watch These Flies Turn Into Zombies: National Geographic write up of work I was part of in Michael Eisen's Lab about zombie fruit fly fungus.

Is Your Leaf Left Handed?: Article published in Science Daily that describes work that I was part of that that used mathematical modeling, morphometrics, and hormone visualization to describe phylltactic patterning in plants.